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We have a new director!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Dr. Brendon Asher, the newest member of our team! Not only has Dr. Asher joined our community at Blackwater Draw, he's also joined the Anthropology Department, Eastern New Mexico University, and the wonderful city of Portales! I hope you'll all help me welcome him to all of our wonderful communities, and stop by the site soon to see him!

From our Facebook page:

"We welcome new Blackwater Draw Director Brendon Asher, who began his new adventure on August 28. Brendon received his PhD from the University of Kansas in 2015. His doctoral dissertation addresses Clovis and Folsom lithic procurement and land use across the Central Plains. He's conducted archaeological fieldwork and research in 11 different states, primarily in the Great Plains, as well as in Ireland and Mexico."

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