Our Team
Our staff members, especially our students, are the heart of Blackwater Draw. It's true!
Student interpretive staff members lead tours, answer questions, and bring prehistory to life for our visitors. Their coursework in the anthropology program at ENMU prepares them for a professional career in archaeology, and they bring those skills to their work at Blackwater Draw.
Our student curatorial staff aids in the protection and preservation of our collections, ensuring that best practices for collections management are followed. These students are building skills that are becoming more and more valuable to employers.
Bottom line: our staff is dedicated to giving you a great visitor experience.


Interested in joining our university community?

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Brendon Asher

Brendon has been with BWD since 2017. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in 2015. His dissertation addresses Clovis and Folsom land use and lithic procurement across the Central Plains. Although specializing in chipped stone studies, his interests are wide-ranging, from early peopling of the Americas through the historic period.


Collections Manager

Taylor is the new Collections Manager of the Blackwater Draw Museum starting July 2022. Her interests are in Paleoindian lifestyles, the peopling of the Americas, and the best practices of museums and their collections. She has a master's in Anthropology, and experience in Arts and Heritage  Administration and Archaeology.


Student Helpers

  • Fall 2021: 

    • ​Student employees at both the archaeological site who helped at the front desk include: Amber, Cash, Jonathan, Jordan, Jose, Kylie, and Meng.​

    • Graduate employee, Meng, has help with catalog record digitization this semester.

    • Graduate employee, Esteban, has assisted with photo and archival digitization and Blackwater Draw material digitization.

    • Undergraduate employee, Kylie, has continued rehousing Blackwater Draw materials with new archival-quality packaging and entering catalog information into Past Perfect.

  • Summer 2021:

    • Student employees at both the archaeological site who helped at the front desk include: Amber, CashJordan, Jose, Kylie, and Meng.​

    • Graduate Intern, Natalie, helped with BLM (Bureau of Management) collections during a NCPE (National Council for Preservation Education) internship.

    • Undergraduate Intern, Kylie, helped with various curation needs such as inventorying and cataloging.

  • Spring 2021: 

    • Graduate Intern, Gabrielle, helped the BWD Museum with textile conservation and preservation.​

    • Graduate Assistant, Cash, helped the BWD Museum with collections tasks such as updating exhibit labels and archival digitization. 

    • Undergraduate Intern, Sage, helped the BWD Museum rehouse and organize textile artifacts from the Miles Anthropological Collection.