Blackwater Draw Museum

1500 S. Ave K, Lea Hall Rm. 163

Portales, NM 88130


Blackwater Draw NHL
508 Route 467
Portales, NM 88130

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You Know History.

Now Discover Prehistory.

Years of (Pre)history

fun fact #6

One of our faculty members once contributed to a BBC special on Bigfoot
George Agogino had wide and diverse interests.

at the museum

Pet a 13,000 year-old mammoth
No really: in our touch-and-feel collection we have several real mammoth bones. Try picking them up; they're heavy!

on display now

Beaded Leather
As we present our new exhibit, Beaded and Beautiful, we invite visitors to explore all of our many beaded leather artifacts. Ask one of our docents about the ones that catch your eye!


Our Historic Activities Exhibit is Here!
Ever wonder about all the non-archaeological activities at the site over the years? Well, there have been plenty! From looting to dumping to shooting, come check out our new exhibit. 
The blown up bowling ball is especially enjoyable. . .

around the department

New Faculty
We are so excited to welcome Dr. Susan Kuzminsky to ENMU this year! Dr. Kuzminsky will be the new director of the Forensic Science program, as well as our resident bioarchaeologist and forensic anthropologist.

Coming Up!

State Archaeology Fair and Atlatl Competition!
You may think you know everything there is to know about our annual atlatl competition, but this year will blow all previous years out of the water! Join us this year as we co-host the State Archaeology Fair at the Blackwater Draw National Historic Landmark. See our blog for more info!

All three of these murals, as well as numerous others, were painted by Shirley East for the original museum on Highway 70.