The BWD Archaeological Site

The archaeological site is located outside of town on Route 467. Guests are encouraged to stop by the visitor center, walk the trails, and see the interpretive center.

Find information about the site's hours and fees here.

Find directions to the site here.


Interpretive Center

The interpretive center is a visitor favorite at the archaeological site. This structure preserves exposed archaeological deposits allowing you to step back in time with each layer.

Stop by to see extinct megafauna such as bison, dire wolf, and camel.

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Visitor Center & Trails

Our visitor center is the first place you will stop at the site. Purchase tickets or gift shop items and get information about our trails.

Follow paths along the property to see pits where gravel was once mined to expose layers filled with extinct megafauna and stone tools.

Keep in mind that New Mexico summer temperatures can be brutal for even the most seasoned of visitors. Bring water and take your time as you walk the property.


Did you know that we have a virtual tour of the archaeological site?