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To view the slideshow full-sized, click on the image and the black-screen display will open up. Text will be smaller in the full-size slideshow. Each photo will have as much information included as we know about it at this time. The problem with photography is that sometimes we forget that our subjects will be unknown to many of our viewers, or that we will someday forget what we were seeing, thinking, doing when the shutter released. (Remember, this is long before digital!)


Archaeological photography is no different. We know better; really, we do... but sometimes, the information simply never gets logged. If you know someone or can help us narrow down dates (even if you just recognize a car!) let us know. The more we know, the more we can share with our visitors.

A note on "authorship": Photography exhibits usually include an artist-- the person who took the photograph. That is a rare bird indeed in archaeology, because generally photos are being taken for documentary purposes. Many archaeologists couldn't even tell you who manned the camera on any given day. When we have this information, we share it, but mostly we try to give you anecdotes and information to help you appreciate the great story of Blackwater Draw.


Thank you for visiting- enjoy! 

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N Wall, El Llano Dig 1962-63

Never ever let someone tell you dirt isn't totally awesome. See those gouge marks? They're differentiating the many depositional layers, basically different events in the history of dirt settling down and staying a while. How cool is it that those layers aren't flat? What do you think these undulating stratigraphic contacts say about the environment at that time in prehistory?